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Why you should advance your horsemanship with Amy Dorland

Add to the knowledge you already have – Enhance and refine your current horsemanship abilities or start from the beginning with a trusted instructor. Advance your skills as far as you like, you are in charge of your journey.  Enjoy learning in; English, Western, Trail Riding, Introduction to Working Equitation, Obstacles and Natural Horsemanship.

Understand Horses – Because people rely so much on verbal communication, it’s natural to focus on our words when working with horses. But like many animals, horses communicate much more through energy, postures, gestures and expressions than they do with their vocal cords. Learning the ability to read and communicate with horse body language and will allow you to help and develop your horse through psychology and without force. Once you understand the basics of communication with horses, I can teach you to advance this knowledge using the horse’s first language, energy.

Stability and Confidence in the Saddle – Many riders feel unstable, fearful when on a horse or experience pain in the saddle. You can learn how to feel confident through communication and partnership with your horse from the ground and then take that same confidence and communication to the saddle no matter what style you ride. I am a certified Yoga Instructor and have created a method I call, Integral Movement for Equestrians. You will learn how to release fascia, create structure and reduce tension in your mind and body allowing you to ride for many enjoyable years. Your horse will love it too!

Feel the freedom!

Amy Dorland Senior Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/Mentor

Safety – Knowledge keeps you safe and I will provide you with skills that bring you confidence and a feeling of being “sure” when interacting with horses. Horses need to be good citizens in our world, manners are important; you will learn how to teach these to your horse without force or physical restriction.

Empower your Learning – Step by step progressive learning that meets your goals with community support. Choose your style of learning by reading, watching videos or personal instruction. Learn how to make and achieve horsemanship goals that fit into your life.

Affordable – Many options to choose from group lessons and weekend learning as well as private and video learning, from as low as $25 for 2 hours of instruction in a group, to $450 for 18 hours in a 3 day Clinic. Private lessons start at $75 per hour (plus mileage if applicable).

Confidence in Tricky Situations  – Feel sure about how to help your horse maneuver easily on the ground, trailer load like a Rockstar, be the farrier’s favorite, enjoy trail riding over bridges, through gates and water, pass by rocks, logs and anything else you desire.

Amy supporting a nervous student

Fun – When you feel confident and safe you can open the door to more fun with your horse and your friends. Such as, Liberty, bridle-less riding, trail riding, obstacles, every corner of the arena, gates, water and mud crossings. Join a community of like minded people and attend fun events.

Experienced Educator – Integrity, I have been instructing in sports and education for over 40 years and have been teaching Horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle since 2011. We all learn differently and I can adjust to support you with what you need in the moment and in the future.

Non judgemental and supportive environment – Life is hard enough, you don’t need to feel bad about being a learner. We all learn and move differently. I will help you discover what works best for you and your horse so you can live your best horse life.

Your dream is my dream – I am dedicated to advancing my own horsemanship and skills so I can help students even more.

Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/Mentor

Amy Dorland

I am a Senior Horsemanship Coach/Mentor with Happy Horse Happy Life under the mentorship of Linda Parelli. I am available to students and their equine partners to transform their relationships so they can reach their goals. I am also a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. I can help students evolve their riding seat in English or Western to achieve lightness, stability, confidence and happiness for the horse. I can also help solve problems such as pain while riding, tension in you or your horse, fear, trailer loading, hard to catch, lack of progress and anything else that is holding you back from achieving your dream.

My horse Sugar is retired and I am developing my current horse Tyson primarily in dressage. As a team, we also enjoy Liberty, Trail Riding, Obstacles and working with Cattle.

In the past, I studied the horse using Parelli Natural Horsemanship under the mentorship of Don Halladay and I achieved Level Four Parelli Horsemanship in the spring of 2014.

I retired from CTV Edmonton as a Video News Editor and worked there from 1987 to 2017.

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About the training program

Happy Horse Happy Life

Linda Parelli is considered the leading female expert on horse psychology based training and mindful riding, empowering her students to be better leaders, riders and communicators with her unique approach to teaching.

She’s developed a unique goals-oriented horse training program designed to dramatically improve your relationship with your horse, your skills as a rider and your own personal goals.

Learn about Happy Horse Happy Life.

Lesson Prices & Availability

I am available to go anywhere in the Edmonton area for 2 hour workshops. Anyone wanting to organize something outside of this area will add mileage unless I am already in your area for another event. Facility costs (if any) are split between the students.

Two Hour Workshops

$200 for 2 hour private

Dedicated students can pay $150 per 2 hour private lesson if three lessons are booked at once.

$30 per Student 6 Students

$35 per Student 5 Students

$45 per Student 4 Students

$55 per Student 3 Students

$75 per Student 2 Students


Students in a group lesson will benefit by being able to interact with and observe others and also have the added benefit to pay less for lessons. 

Full Day Clinics

 Clinics are $150 per student per day for 6 hours of instruction each day. Facility costs (if any) are split between the students. If your location is further than 2 hours from Edmonton then mileage costs will be added. If 4 days or more are booked for the clinic, there will be no additional mileage.

6 students minimum (depending on distance)

Bonuses are available for organizers.

Current Events

For more details; location, costs and registration, please check out the latest Newsletter: Click Here

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